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Health and Wellbeing Activities at Westbury

Over the last month at Westbury Estate we have been talking a lot about health and wellbeing and exploring different activities that relate to this at No.7. Read more about this here

Over the last month at Westbury, we have been talking a lot about health and wellbeing.

We all have such busy lives, and especially living in a bustling city like London, it can be all too easy to forget to take a minute out and look after ourselves, both mentally and physically – and so this month, Westbury residents have been exploring different ways of squeezing in a bit of “me-time”.

The recent hot-spell may have been far from relaxing, but it did send No.7’s garden lavender into bloom, reminding us what a soothing and useful herb it is. Inspired by our own little shrub, we went ahead and made some lovely lavender bags.

This 3-ingredient craft was an instant hit – with a few spoonfuls of lavender wrapped up in a circle of fabric, and fastened with a ribbon, everyone at the session joined in. Before we knew it, we had a small army of little lavender bags ready to help us have the perfect night’s sleep.


Overcome with the amount of lavender left over from our lavender bags, we all decided to indulge in a little beauty therapy, with some moisturising hypoallergenic homemade facemasks – the perfect opportunity to find a relaxing half hour to yourself. You can find the recipe card for how to make your own facemask here


For the residents a little wary of craft and DIY, the third wellbeing session looked at Board Games as a way of finding a relaxing afternoon to clear your mind and relieve stress. Guest led by Edwin from the Clapham Library chess club, residents enjoyed revisiting classic board games over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

…and the grand finale to wellbeing month! Following conversations from our skill swap on the Westbury Estate, we invited Alex, a Tai Chi instructor, to run a short session on the relaxing martial art. To the soundtrack of a month’s build-up of rain, Alex taught us the basic moves of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, leaving us calm and carefree.


If you love board games, and missed out on the last session, Edwin will be back by popular demand on September 14th at No.7 – so come along and join us for a few games, and maybe even pick up our DIY face mask recipe cards, for ultimate relaxation!