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Gardening at No.15 Knight's Walk

An important part of No.15 Knight's Walk has been the garden which residents have helped to transform into a wonderful space overflowing with plants, vegetables and flowers. Read more about our gardening activities here.

No.15 Knight's Walk opened it's doors as a meeting space for residents just in time for the Christmas Tea Party last year and since December 2016 it has been used as the key venue for public drop-ins, exhibitions, monthly resident meetings and weekly coffee and cake sessions where residents have an opportunity to look through designs in more detail, ask questions and have informal conversations about changes to their homes and local area.

In and amongst the activities, sessions, workshops and conversations at No.15, there has been a central theme around gardens, planting and flowers. This is not surprising as one of the key features of Knight's Walk are the unique quiet, green and peaceful walkways - lined with beautiful flowers and roses.

Whether they are the ones planting and watering, standing and admiring or simply walking past, everyone who lives in and around Knight's Walk values the green oasis of the estate and we wanted to be able to have more conversations about this and how to make sure this element of Knight's Walk is preserved through our weekly sessions at No.15.

In April we began by setting up some raised beds in the garden of No.15, using gorgeous fine art crates which were kindly donated from Martin Speed, an art handling service that supports community growing projects.  We gave these some TLC, and as result were given a second lease on life as the perfect vessels for our planting.

IMG_2324.JPG IMG_3392.JPG


Over the past few months we have converted the garden from a gloomy, jungle of weeds to a wonderful colourful corner where residents have been harvesting vegetables, picking herbs and flowers and getting their hands dirty through planting seeds, pruning roses, or just enjoying watching the garden’s abundant journey through the spring.


All residents who have been attending regular Coffee and Cakes on Thursday afternoons have taken part in the garden in some form; learning to plant seeds, re-pot and transfer sprouts, water and harvest. Tasting new herbs and smelling new species of flowers - it has been hard work, but throughout we have been having important conversations about planting and maintenance of a garden, whatever size it may be and the countless benefits – not to mention health, exercise, happiness and wellbeing.


This summer has been overflowing with produce from the garden including tomatoes, beans, courgettes, herbs and a collection of wonderful flowers for residents to enjoy. Over the past weeks we have been using these to prepare the food for the Knight’s Walk Garden Party and are looking forward to talking with residents about planting on balconies, indoors and private outdoor spaces as autumn and winter approach.