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frequently asked questions

In response to several questions and queries, we have put together a general Q & A document.

This has been compiled together with LBL staff. Issues addressed within this document are an overview of construction works for Block A works, Wimborne House, information about the phrases of the works, and who to contact. Other information includes parking, how to become a REP member and work together with Homes for Lambeth.

Issues addressed within this document are an overview of construction works for Block A works, Wimborne House, information about the phrases of the works, and who to contact. Other information includes parking, how to become a REP member and work together with Homes for Lambeth.


Following several questions from residents on the South Lambeth estate Lambeth Council and Homes for Lambeth have collected the questions and have put together this document. If there are further questions, residents can:

Overview of the project

The first phase of the rebuilding of the South Lambeth estate is currently due for completion in September 2022. Residents will be informed on progress on the build through the process. The block will contain 30 homes spread over six floors. These homes will be 100% affordable, and no homes in this block will be available on the private market. Allocations for the council level rent homes are the responsibility of the Lambeth Council.

This shows the areas which will be available for public use. The new homes will be well laid out and will meet a range of high-quality standards set out in the London Plan and Homes for Lambeth’s design standards.

  • Over 85% of the new homes have been planned to be dual aspect so that they get light and ventilation from more than one direction.
  • All homes will have secure cycle parking, either in a secure cycle store or in a purpose-designed storage shed in the back garden.
  • All homes will have a private garden, balcony, or terrace.
  • 103 one-bedroom homes for one or two people. The existing one-person studios are 40 sqm in area, and the new one-bedroom homes for two people in the scheme will range from 51 to 61
    sqm in area.
  • 152 two-bedroom homes for three or four people. No existing two-bed homes are being
    demolished. The new two-bedroom four-person homes will range from 72 to 81 sqm in area, with
    larger W.C. units.
  • 99 three-bedroom homes, including both three-bedroom five-person and three-bedroom six-
    person homes. The existing three-bedroomed homes are 76 sqm in area, and the new homes will range from 88 to 104 sqm in area.
  • Eight four-bedroom homes for seven or eight people. The existing four-bedroomed homes being demolished are 86 sqm, and the new homes will range from 100 to 125 sqm.

Block A construction

Work has started on Block A and should be completed by September 2022. Piling operations are underway, and these should be completed by February 2021. Residents will be updated on progress every week via site notices, emails, website updates and monthly newsletters. In 2021 our standard working hours on-site will be from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday and 8 am to 1 pm, Saturday if required. Occasionally it may be necessary to work outside of these hours, and wherever possible we will notify neighbouring residents. The site will be closing on Tuesday 22 December and will reopen on the Wednesday 06 January.

The Construction and Environmental Management Plan can be found by clicking here.

If residents have any concerns about the construction works for Block A, you can contact Hill resident and community liaison team by phoning 0800 032 6760 (freephone) or emailing [email protected].

Wimborne House Works

The council is working hard to ensure that the works to Wimborne House are completed as soon as possible. Due to a number of contractual and organisational issues, it has not yet proved possible to produce an updated timeline. We appreciate that this is disappointing for residents and we are also disappointed at this situation. As soon as the council has a robust timeline, this will be shared with residents. The point of contact for the Wimborne House works is Paul Ingram. He can be reached on [email protected].

If residents have any concerns about the Wimborne House works over the festive period, they can use the contact the call centre on 0207 926 6666.

Current residents

No one underestimates the stress that rebuilding an estate could potentially cause for current residents. We want to give residents living on estates that will be rebuilt all the information and support that they need to make the best choices about their and their families’ futures. As a part of this Lambeth Council published the Key Guarantees for both secure tenants and homeowners.

These mean that:

  • Every secure tenant will be able to move to a brand-new home at council level rent
  • Affordable options will be provided to assist resident homeowners in staying on the Estate

You can find more information on the Key Guarantees by clicking here.

In addition, in line with the original cabinet decision to rebuild the South Lambeth estate, the council will develop a local lettings plan. This will support the implementation of our Key Guarantees.

The first blocks from South Lambeth Estate to be decanted in order to move into Block A will be Broadstone and Sturminster. If residents do not want to move into the new Block A and would prefer to move out of the Estate, they will need to complete a transfer application and bid for properties off of the Estate. In such instance that a resident is vulnerable and living on the top floor, and looking to be transferred into a more suitable property, they should contact me directly by phone on 07720 042 072 or email [email protected], and I will assist them in bidding for a suitable property.

Homeowners can contact Luke Kelly on 07507892020 or email [email protected]. Resident homeowners will also be able to move into the shared ownership homes in Block A under the Key Guarantees as well.

Public space and car parking

The plan below shows how the Estate will look when it is completed. On the ground level, there will be raised planters and planting beds. On roof level, there will be a residents’ terrace with a paved area and raised planters.


The diagram below shows the resident parking that will be on the Estate when it is completed.

Both the council and Homes for Lambeth understand the concerns residents have regarding parking on the Estate, now and in the future.
General Parking Suspension enforcement restarted on estates on 01 December 2020. Now only warning notices are being issued, and full enforcement begins on 04 January 2021.

Parking Permits cost £31.79 per year. All residents were sent a letter advising how to access the online system and advising on what to do if they have a problem accessing the internet. For more information on this, call Environment on 020 7926 9000.

Four temporary disabled parking bays have been installed on Cobbett Street and Dorset Road. The location of these temporarily disabled bays may need to change depending on the stage of buildings works. If the location of these bays needs to change, the council will consult residents in advance on possible alternative locations. There will be 24 standard and four disabled parking spaces provided to the north of Wimborne House. This is expected to be sufficient
 to accommodate existing permit holders who will remain on the Estate. Other residents will not be entitled to apply for parking permits.

There has also been a request that residents be able to use their estate parking permits to park on surrounding roads that currently require a separate on-street permit. The council can confirm that from Wednesday 11 November 2020, residents who currently hold a Wimborne House estate parking permit, will be able to use their permit to park on Dorset Road. This is a matter for the Area Housing Office (AHO).

It should be noted that we cannot and do not guarantee parking availability and can suspend parking as required.
If residents’ need to speak to someone if they find that someone has parked their car in front of their vehicle and has blocked them in a space, they should call the Contact Centre on 020 7926 6000 who will inform the Neighbourhood Housing Officer (NHO). They would then ask the contractor to attend.

Both the council and Homes for Lambeth are looking at options to provide a small temporary overflow car park on the Estate during the construction of Block A. The council will consult with residents on the location of this overflow car park before a final decision is made.

Repairs to existing homes

Repairs are unaffected by either Homes for Lambeth’s rebuilding plans or the works to Wimborne House. They will continue as normal. Residents can report repairs via the usual route on 0207 926 6000 or during out of hours and bank holidays, on 0207 926 6666.

Phasing and CPO

Below shows the current phasing plan.

This may change over the lifetime of the rebuilding of the Estate; however, no demolition will start until Block A is completed. As per the Cabinet report of the 17 December 2018, the council approved the use of CPOs on the South Lambeth Estate. To progress this updated equality impact assessment will be carried out on the Estate (including surveying residents) in spring 2021.

Health and safety

We are aware that residents have expressed concern about the current arrangements. Please be assured that we have conducted all the necessary checks and we have assurances the building works pose no threat to the ability of emergency vehicles to respond to any call at Wimborne. The Fire Brigade have been informed of the new dry riser (firefighting equipment) location and confirmed it is accessible to their vehicles. A temporary means of escape has been erected in the entrance which will be in place whilst works are completed to the rear. This is a temporary secondary fire exit for residents, who should continue to use the entrance at the front.

In addition, a gateman will monitor the site boundary and provide emergency services access on to the Homes for Lambeth site if required. They will work during the hours the contractors are not on-site and will start work on the evening of Monday 09 November. The provision of this gateman will remain in place, during evenings and weekends, until the new rear entrance to Wimborne House is finished.

The Fire Risk Assessment for Wimborne House can be seen by clicking here.

If residents have any concerns about the works of either the Hill or Engie works, they should use the contact details below.

Hill (new homes works to the front of Wimborne)
Phone: 0800 032 6760 (freephone)

8 am to 8 pm, seven days a week

Email: [email protected]

Engie (works to the back entrance, reception, and community centre) Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Phone: 07768 577 894
Email: [email protected]

Out of hours phone: 0800 032 0443

If any resident, or a member of their household, is considered vulnerable, they can request a mitigation panel. They can do this by emailing [email protected]

Responding to questions from residents

Both Homes for Lambeth and the council aim to be responsive to questions from residents. Homes for Lambeth aims to:

  •  Email: Aim to acknowledge correspondence within two working days and respond fully within ten working days.
  • Letter: Aim to acknowledge correspondence within two working days and respond fully within ten working days.
  • Phone: Return phone calls within two working days.

However, depending on the complexity of the enquiry, we aim to provide a complete response to these more involved inquiries (needing research or of a technical nature) within 20 days of the initial query date. Construction and housing-related queries may take longer, and we aim to have completed a response within 25 days subject to any requests of third-party information and their own response times.

Homes for Lambeths complaints policy can be found at by clicking here.

Resident Engagement Panel

As a formal consultation and stakeholder engagement group for HFL, the role of the Resident Engagement Panel (REP) is to represent the interests of tenants and homeowners affected by the rebuilding proposals.

It is not a decision-making body but is expected to make recommendations to HFL relating to rebuild proposals. Members of the REP should not conflict with rebuild proposals but should consider how redeveloping the Estate can be implemented in the best interest of current and future residents.

The Residents Engagement Panel (REP) has an objective to:

(1) To provide feedback and where possible, documented feedback from a resident perspective regarding Homes for Lambeth’s proposals and engagement activities.
(2) To empower residents to have their say at every step of the process.
(3) To advise on how best to engage with residents generally and with different resident groups and agree on local priorities for the RESI programme.
(4) Agree with repairs and maintenance plans.
(5) To act as a sounding board for Homes for Lambeth officers and Homes for Lambeth Members so they can understand issues from a resident perspective.
(6) To ensure that the rights of the different groups of residents on the estate tenants, leaseholders, and homeowners and potentially the more vulnerable resident groups are considered.
(7) To highlight issues and sensitivities arising from a resident’s perspective.
(8) To help to identify how residents can influence processes and proposals.
(9) Monitor the performance, services and standards and satisfaction provided by HFL and LBL.
(10) To provide information and signpost assistance to affected residents.

How to become a member of the REP:

(1) Residents’ associations should have an automatic place on their REP.
(2) Interested residents are welcome to their local REP as observers (although they do not have speaking rights).
(3) Residents who wish to join the REP are asked to complete an equalities monitoring form and provide a statement of why they want to join.
(4) If there is a waiting list of residents wishing to join, the Resident Chair recommends to the Panel who should join. A recommendation should be based solely on equalities information and the estate profile represented by the existing REP members. The objective will be to meet the gaps in representation. Only one person in a household can be a member of the same REP.
(5) Residents joining REP’s will be required to attend an induction. These will be held quarterly to enable new members to understand their role, the importance of resident engagement, and to let them know what support (e.g., training, mentoring) will be provided.

Membership of the panels will vary for different estates. However, the following principles apply to membership of all REPs:

  1. Membership of the Panel should be representative of the different groups living on an estate (tenants, resident leaseholders, and resident freeholders) and, where applicable, any other key stakeholders.

The Panel should be represented in proportion to the different tenure groups on the Estate. Where several representatives of tenants and leaseholders have been agreed, any vacant positions must be filled by a resident from that tenure ensuring that both tenant and leasehold interests are considered.

  • Panels will also consist of councillors, Homes for Lambeth officers and Lambeth Council officers including officers from the estate regeneration team and housing management.
  • The Chair of the Panel can be one of the local Ward councillors or found from a resident, LBL or HFL REP member or a member representing a community or local community organisation.
  • If the Panel identifies issues affecting a particular group of residents. The Panel may form sub-groups, with all the interests represented, and invite other residents to participate in such sub-groups. These subgroups should be formed in agreement with all the members of the Panel. Invitations for other attendees should be agreed with Panel members before the next meeting.
  • Other attendees will be invited to participate in Panel meetings from time-to-time, including consultants working for Homes for Lambeth, other local stakeholders, and external advisors to make meetings more productive. Invitations for other attendees should be agreed with Panel members.

Reflecting the tenure diversity of its Estate, resident members of the REP will support and represent the residents’ voice by:
(1) Encouraging, identifying then recruiting resident members of the REP will be undertaken by all members of the REP and Homes for Lambeth, through HFL’s Resident Engagement Officer. This will be done using regular communications with residents, promoting the opportunity through email bulletins and newsletters and by developing residents’ interest in the REP across the Estate.
(2) Homes for Lambeth will ensure support is given for childcare or other needs to enable residents to attend meetings.
(3) Recruitment of resident members (and substitutes) will be ongoing until such time as the panel composition reaches capacity.
(4) Potential new resident members who have self-identified themselves as interested in becoming a resident panel member to the resident engagement officer will be invited to attend a REP meeting as a guest and observer to learn more about the Panel and the role.
(5) Potential new members can have the support and will be invited to share a brief statement on why they would like to become a REP member with other members at a meeting.
(6) New resident members will be agreed to by the REP and approved by the Chair

Breaches of the REP Code of Conduct and how they will be dealt with:

Examples of a breach of the Code of Conduct will include (but will not be limited to) the following:

- Being unhelpfully critical of others, e.g. other involved residents, officers, and contractors
- Talking over other people repeatedly
- Raising personal issues repeatedly in a meeting or during/ carrying out an organised activity
- Acting in a discriminatory manner
- Appearing under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs/substances
- Inappropriate behaviour such as harassment, bullying, intimidation
- Persistent disregard of others and/or rulings of the Chair
- Inappropriate use of social media
- Breaching the confidentiality requirements
- Use of inappropriate and/offensive language

Below is a process by which concerns can be considered if a panel member’s behaviour has compromised the principles of the REP Code of Conduct.

(1) In the first instance, it is recommended that any cause for concern is raised informally and verbally with the Chair and/or Homes for Lambeth officers (or councillor as appropriate).
(2) The Chair will warn that they may be asked to leave the meeting if they break the Code of Conduct again. The Chair may give the member of the committee, or observer or a member of the public two further warnings (a maximum of three warnings in any one meeting or three consecutive meetings).
(3) The complainant can then raise the concern/complaint in writing, outlining the reasons and examples of the basis of the issue.
(4) The written concern or complaint is then formally presented to the Chair and Homes for Lambeth officers.
(5) The Chair and/or Homes for Lambeth officers will discuss the issue with the individual(s), against whom the complaint is made, to reach a resolution.
(6) If it is not possible to reach a resolution, the individual may be asked to resign from the Panel.
(7) The Panel will be asked to consider the withdrawal of membership.
(8) Should any member expelled from the REP for a breach of the Code of Conduct wish to re-join the REP, this can only be achieved by a vote of members of the group at a Special Meeting at which notice has been given of this matter. In such circumstances, a simple majority of the REP members present must be in favour of the application.

In the event that the Chair’s behaviour brings about a breach of the Code of Conduct, REP member can elect a fellow member to Chair the REP as an interim measure. The membership may then decide on a course of action which could include any of the above measures. If the Chairs behaviour causes the position of the Chair to become untenable, the committee can remove the post holder at a special meeting called for that purpose.

Resident panel members once having signed this REP Operating Protocol may continue voluntarily in this role for three years. The member then steps down from the Panel or asks to continue their membership for a further 12 months with agreement from other current REP members, their resident community, and Homes for Lambeth. This additional rolling membership of 12 further months may continue until reaching a maximum membership length of six years at which point the member will retire from the Panel. Panel composition should consist of representation as follows:


To be determined by the estate resident engagement panel



As needed
As needed
As needed
As needed
As needed
As needed

Council Tenants
Resident Homeowners
Ward Councillors
Independent Resident Advisers
Homes for Lambeth officers Lambeth
Council officers
Other tenure type residents

If you would like to attend the next panel meeting or would like more information, please contact Maxine Igbinedion on [email protected] or 07588 561771.

For further information or queries kindly forward emails to [email protected]