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Focus on: Pocket Living

The Council is doing all it can to build the more and better homes we desperately need in the borough. This includes projects like Somerleyton RoadAkerman Road right through to the regeneration of low density estates which were built to meet the needs of the borough in the 1960s and 1970s, which the Council can't afford to refurbish and often don’t meet the needs of many overcrowded families. 

Pocket Living

As part of this plan (where appropriate) we are working with groups like Pocket Living. Pocket Living specialises in building homes that are at least 20% cheaper than the surrounding market rate.


Modular unit for Wynne Road

They are able to do this by designing these homes to be as compact as possible and using modular building techniques which see much of the usual construction done off-site in factories. This also has the advantage of minimising disruption to local residents and allowing these homes to built much more quickly than if they where constructed using traditional techniques. Pocket Homes have a number of schemes in the borough including one in construction on Wynne Road in Brixton.


Mount Earl Gardens

Interested in finding out more?

As the Council provided the site to Pocket Living in 2014, Lambeth residents have priority on the 25 one-bedroom flats that have been built there with a 40 per cent Government loan under the Help to Buy scheme. So far over 90% of the homes built in the borough have been sold to young first time buyers who otherwise might have been forced out of the borough.

If you are interested in one of these homes you need to register. To do this please visit Pockets website