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Focus on: Lollard Street  

If you’ve walked along Lollard Street or Kennington Road recently, you may have seen what looks like the start of building work. If you thought that these looked like more homes being built you would be right.

Next month work starts on the construction of:

  • 89 new homes
  • of which 70 will be affordable homes at Council level rents
  • 15 individual houses
  • 6 apartment buildings
  • A new Ethelred Nursery and Children's Centre on the corner of Kennington Road 

What’s planned?

Now that Ethelred Nursery has moved to Oakden Street and the Children's Centre to White Hart Street, the first step is the demolition of the old car park which will start next month (May 2016).


The land around Elkington Point, Brittany Point, Ward Point and the old Ethelred Nursery is being developed by Braeburn Estates for the Council. Braeburn is doing this as one of the conditions imposed on them by the Council as a part of the planning permission to redevelop the Shell Centre at Waterloo.

As well as contributing towards the Council’s goal of building 1,000 new homes at Council rent levels, the scheme will improve pedestrian access through the area with new landscaping and public realm.


Demolition should be completed in August 2016 with building work complete in spring 2018.

Homes for Lambeth

Braeburn Estates is paying for this development and carrying out the building work for Homes for Lambeth, the Council's 100% owned company which will be used to build more and better homes that we need for Lambeth residents.