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First development management teams are chosen for Lambeth’s estate regeneration programme

Ambitious plans to provide hundreds of new homes to ease Lambeth’s housing crisis have moved a step closer, after consultants were appointed to help the Council press ahead with regeneration schemes on three council estates.

With the help of residents living on Knights Walk, South Lambeth and Westbury, Lambeth Council has selected a single consortium to help deliver the first three of the estate regeneration projects approved by the Cabinet, which will deliver over 700 new homes. The work on Knights Walk, Westbury Estate and South Lambeth Estate - all of which are included in Lambeth’s Estate Regeneration programme - will be led by the Tibbalds Campbell Reith Joint Venture.

The team will be spearheaded by Tibbalds and CPC Project Services, who both have extensive experience in estate regeneration for inner London boroughs. The Joint Venture will direct the work of individual project teams – including architects, landscape architects and community engagement specialists - on each estate.

Their first steps will be to work with the Council to continue the feasibility work already undertaken, by consulting the local community on each estate and gathering feedback on what residents would like to see, before shaping the proposals further to develop masterplans for each estate.

Once the Council’s Cabinet has approved the master plans the team will then take the projects through the planning process and into a phased delivery programme. Homes for Lambeth, the Council’s 100% owned company will then develop the new estates. As well as incorporating existing feedback from local residents, the projects will also follow Lambeth Council’s Design Principles, as well as its ‘Key Guarantees’. The Key Guarantees will ensure that all secure tenants will be able to remain on the estate and homeowners are given the opportunity to do so.

The three projects will provide over 700 mixed tenure homes in total, including replacement homes for existing residents. The Knights Walk project will redevelop a section of the Cotton Gardens Estate on Kennington Lane and provide circa 82 mixed-tenure homes. The two remaining projects – the Westbury Estate and South Lambeth Estate – will each provide over 300 mixed-tenure homes.

The three estates are among six included in Lambeth’s Estates Regeneration programme, part of the Council’s wider commitment to build more and better homes in Lambeth, as well as delivering 1,000 extra homes at council rent levels. A Lambeth Council spokesman said:

“The Council is committed to tackling Lambeth’s housing crisis by building 1,000 extra homes for council rent in the borough, and the estate regeneration programme is a central plank of our plan for providing these much-needed homes.

“It is vital that we get started on this work as soon as possible, so it is encouraging that we are moving forward so decisively with the first three schemes.

“However, the Council is also determined that its efforts to build more and better homes are backed by existing tenants. The proposals for the redevelopment of these estates were the result of several months of design work, testing and consultation with residents on the estates; we will ensure that residents are closely involved in all the work we do from here.”

The winning companies were selected after residents were involved in interviewing and scoring bids as part of a competitive tender process.

Viv Moriarty, a member of the South Lambeth Resident Engagement Panel, said:

“Members of the interview panel considered that Tibbalds and PTE [Architects] represented their best interests. These companies were able to address their concerns and presented salient examples that addressed many of the issues that had been raised by both tenants and leaseholder residents.”

Alan Mesure, a leaseholder on Westbury estate, said:

“The ultimate selection of the Tibbalds Consortium was a decision agreed with resident representatives and the Council. The Tibbalds Group explained their back ground and technical ability, the interview panel felt that they understood the resident concerns about keeping to the residents brief for the new estate. They seemed to have a sympathetic grasp of the residents’ dismay of having to live through a demolition and rebuild for the next 5 years or more and would endeavour to work closely with all residents.”

May Van de Water, chair of the Knight's Walk Group Residents Association, said:

“Tibbalds did their homework. They understood Knights Walk's unique situation. We are also pleased their team includes Mae Architects. They have worked with residents and the Council from the start of the regeneration process. This gives us the confidence that this team will deliver the scheme laid out in the cabinet report. We look forward to working together in the expectation that this understanding will endure.”

You can find more information on the Development Management Team here