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Fenwick Housing Need Survey started

We are moving forward with the rebuilding of Fenwick Estate to build better homes for current residents and more new homes to help tackle Lambeth’s housing crisis. As part of this we have started the Housing Needs Surveys with residents.

Why are Housing Needs Surveys important?

The Key Guarantees give all secure tenants and resident homeowners the right to be involved in shaping the master plan for each new estate and the Housing Needs Survey is part of this as the council needs to have up-to-date and accurate information on you and your household. We need this information so when we are working with you and your neighbours to develop the master plan for your new estate, we can ensure that the new homes are designed and built to meet your requirements. To do this, officers will need to meet with you at your home to talk about your housing needs, ask you some questions about you and your household and answer any concerns you may have. We will provide details of the support that will be available to help you through this process. 

When will the surveys start?

We have initially started Housing Needs Surveys for tenants only and over the coming year we will visit all residents across the estate. We will be scheduling home visits on a block by block basis and will write to you when we are about to start the surveys on your part of the estate. There will be morning and afternoon appointments available.  

What if I don’t want to stay on the rebuilt estate? 

The survey will be used to work out your housing needs so that we can make sure that the new homes that we build on the estate can respond to the needs of the residents that live here. However, we do appreciate that some residents may not wish to remain on the estate and will request to move away.  We want to work with you to find out what your needs are now, which will allow us to work up a range of options that encourages the existing community to stay together. Our aim is to minimise disruption and uncertainty by providing you with clear information, in order for you to make an informed decision about what would be suitable for you and your household.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Housing Needs Survey or the regeneration of Fenwick Estate please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0207 926 3607 or Email: [email protected]

Weekly Drop-in Session: You can speak to members of the regeneration team at the Fenwick Estate Regeneration Hub (66 Willington Road) about the Housing Needs Surveys or any other queries you may have about the regeneration of the Fenwick Estate - no appointment necessary. The Hub is opened every Tuesday 10am to 5pm (starting from Tuesday 5th September 2017).

Evening Drop in session: Members of the regeneration team and the residents Independent Advisors will be available every other Monday (excluding public holidays), 5pm to 8pm - no appointment necessary. The next month’s upcoming drop-in sessions are scheduled below:




Monday, 14th August 17

5pm to 8pm

66 Willington Road, Fenwick   estate, London SW9 9NE

Monday, 11th September 17

5pm to 8pm

66 Willington Road, Fenwick   estate, London SW9 9NE

Monday, 25th September 7

5pm to 8pm

66 Willington Road, Fenwick   estate, London SW9 9NE

Monday, 9th October 17

5pm to 8pm

66 Willington Road, Fenwick   estate, London SW9 9NE

Independent Advisors: Alternatively for confidential and impartial information on the regeneration of Fenwick Estate you can contact your estate Independent Advisors (IA), Strategic Urban Future who are independent of the Council. The IA team can be contacted on the freephone number on 0800 169 8677 or Call/email:

  • Christine Searle, who is a tenants’ advisor, m: 07764421981, email: [email protected]
  • Rob Lantsbury, who is a leaseholders’ advisor, m: 0796 1532761, email: [email protected]