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Fenwick Estate : Workshop 3


Last night we held the third workshop on Fenwick Estate and the theme was Access and Movement.

Thank you to the 33 people who attended the session. Karakusevic Carson Architects started off the session with a presentation that explored how people currently access and move around the estate on car, foot and by cycling. The slides from the presentation can be found below. 


Following the presentation residents worked with models to explore how:

  • Access could be improved on the estate
  • Ways in which secure parking could be provided
  • Ways in which entrances into buildings could feel safer and more secure
  • Ways of having well ventilated and secure refuse areas

 Some key priorities that came out were that a number of residents liked the idea of having a private buffer space in front of their front doors, and there were also a number of discussions around how parking areas could be integrated with other activities such as cycling parking, recycling areas in order to make those spaces well overlooked, well used and safer. 

We will be sharing a summary this workshop in the next newsletter and the there will be an exhibition on the 30th January which will have all the ideas and comments we have gathered so far. Please come along to the exhibition and give us your feedback before Karakusevic Carson start to put together some design scenarios.