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Fenwick Estate: Workshop 2 Landscape

Thank you to the 17 people who came along to our second workshop last night to discuss landscape and open space on Fenwick Estate.

Karakusevic Carson Architects gave a presentation on the different types of open space including public, private, communal and play space and we talked through the way space is allocated on Fenwick Estate at the moment and how this could be improved. You can view the slides from this presentation below.

We then worked in groups to look at how different approaches to achieving an increased density impact on the type of open space and what resident priorities for landscape would be.  People shared how important private outdoor space is for residents but also wanting to have high quality communal space with play provision for a range of ages.

We will be sharing a summary of the first two workshops in the next newsletter and the exhibition on the 30th January will have all the ideas and comments we have gathered so far and invite more feedback before Karakusevic Carson start to put together some design scenarios.