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Fenwick Estate: Workshop 1 Density

Thank you to the 20 residents who attended our first workshop on Density last week.  Architects, Karakusevic Carson, shared a presentation on what density is, how it is calculated and what that mean for regeneration on Fenwick Estate.  


There is no set number of additional homes that Lambeth are looking to achieve on Fenwick Estate and part of this process is to try to understand what type of development would be appropriate and viable.  

Following the presentation we used a model of the estate to think about different ways of achieving a higher density but there is much more to be discussed so we will be looking at density again alongside landscape in our next workshop on Wednesday 9th December.  You can view the slides from this presentation below.

To make sure people who cannot attend the workshops can see the information and join in the discussion we will be sharing a summary of the workshops in the 3rd issue of our newsletter which we will be delivering on 17th December.

At this session it was clear that there are lots of individual questions from residents so we would encourage people to attend the council drop in sessions to talk directly to council officers. The next drop in will be held on the 14th December 4pm - 7pm and will be followed by a specific meeting for leaseholders.