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Fenwick Estate Newsletter March 2018

Lambeth Council have published the March 2018 Newsletter for Fenwick Estate and it can be read here.


Lambeth Council have published the March 2018 Newsletter for Fenwick Estate and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:


What's Happening on Your Estate

The council are committed to building more and better homes on Fenwick Estate. Because we want to produce a design which you, the residents, are happy with, we will be doing all we can to ensure that you are  INFORMED about the plans, INVOLVED  in the process, so that you can; INFLUENCE what happens next

Coming Up in March/April


Fenwick South/Phase One Update

Fenwick South is a TfL development that will be built next to the railway, replacing the former housing office (site A) and garages (site B) with 46 new homes. These will be for existing residents to move into ready for the first homes to be rebuilt on Fenwick and is ‘Phase one’ of the overall project. This phase won’t mean demolition of any existing homes.  

Following a detailed conversation with TfL, we are able now to confirm that works will soon start on site A and B in May this year. This will mean that we will have 46 council rent homes to help tackle the housing crisis in the borough by 2020. The original plans for Fenwick South included rebuilding Fenwick Hall (site C). We want to be able to provide more homes on site C than the nine that are currently permitted. Dependent on our discussions with planners, we may be able to deliver extra homes on the site as part of the wider masterplan.

Not only does this mean more and better homes for the people of Lambeth but it also means the TRA hall will be able to stay open in its current location for longer.  

We have a target completion date for the Fenwick South Homes for Autumn 2020.  

If you have any questions contact Jonny Moore on: 020 7926 3607
Indicative Timeline


Timetable for March-April


Council Drop ins

Tuesdays 10am - 5pm, Fortnightly on Mondays 5pm - 8pm, 66 Willington Rd

Jonny Moore & Bashir Miah are the  Lambeth Project Team for Fenwick Estate. They hold regular drop in session in the Regeneration Hub, 66 Willington Road for all residents of Fenwick Estate. You do not need to make an appointment, just drop in and talk to Jonny or Bashir to ask questions about how the plans might effect you as a home owner or a tenant. Paul Gordon from Decant Team will be available at the fortnightly Monday evening session to provide advice on decant and rehousing issues.  
Contact Details:
020 7926 3607
[email protected]