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Fenwick Estate Newsletter 7

The seventh newsletter for the Fenwick Estate Regeneration has been published. You can read it here.


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Developing the brief

Karakusevic Carson Architects have been developing a high-level Masterplan, which has formed the Recommended Scenario, based on the residents’ brief and resident feedback from workshops and exhibitions.

For the purposes of this engagement process the boundary line for the area of development includes the Fenwick Estate and Willington Road Houses. The Recommended Scenario for the odd number homes on Willington Road is still under review and will be subject to additional discussions.

This Recommended Scenario sits alongside the Residents’ Brief but it is not the final masterplan for the regeneration of the Fenwick Estate and Willington Road.

There is currently a funding gap of £85m in the Lambeth Housing Standard budget. This budget does not include any refurbishment work taking place to the existing buildings on the estate. If the Council Cabinet adopts the recommended scenario a plan will be developed to determine the order in which buildings are demolished and replaced.

Car parking provision is proposed to be the same as on the current estate, and therefore there would be no new parking spaces for new residents, with the exception of disabled and visitor parking spaces.


The Scenario and the brief

No existing buildings are kept and all new homes will be to current standards providing more floor space in each home and better sound and thermal insulation. There is an opportunity to reconfigure landscaping and access routes throughout the estate to help with access and safety. New secure entrances, lifts, cycle and refuse storage will be provided across the estate. New public and communal areas are created and new play areas can be provided to meet Lambeth’s current standards. All homes will have private outdoor space; either a ground floor garden, balcony or roof terrace.

Many residents liked the recommended scenario and those who have been involved so far could see how their input had shaped both it and the brief. People liked the mix of terraces and courtyards and the open feel that would be created. The prospect of secure and step free access and the addition of roof terraces were also popular. People also welcomed the traffic calming measure of the change in road layout. Some residents questioned the positioning of the new park wondering if it would was sufficiently central or overlooked - this can be reviewed moving forward.

Regeneration process

This is a big change and understandably many people expressed concern about the uncertainty and disruption this could cause. The Council fully appreciate this and will offer clear planning and communication of the phasing strategy which should help keep this to a minimum. Many had questions about allocation, affordability and gardens, allocation will be based on individual need and circumstances during the next stage of planning. To get advice speak to the Council, or the Independent Resident Advisor at a drop in or get in touch directly. Whilst refurbishment is not possible interim repairs will continue.

Neighbours feedback

Some neighbours from the surrounding area, whilst supporting the councils wider intentions, had concerns over the impact of an increase in height on their sunlight and privacy. If the plans proceed, detailed studies of this will be done in the next stage up to planning and will have to comply with building regulations.