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fenwick DMT has been chosen

We are pleased to announce that it is the Council’s intention to appoint Mace Ltd to provide development management services for the Fenwick Estate. This intention is subject to contract and normal council process. The selection of the Development Management Team (DMT) went through an extensive process.

In October 2016, people were invited to an exhibition to meet, quiz and score the potential development management teams (DMT) competing to work with residents to design and develop the new Fenwick Estate.


The scores from October’s resident exhibition, officer reviews of the written bids and interviews with Resident Engagement Panel members were added together. Mace received the highest combined score and has therefore been recommended for the appointment. The score was evaluated on 70% quality and 30% price and Mace scored the overall highest marks.

The interview panel included residents and all three local ward members, and two members of the Fenwick Independent Advisor (IA) team from Strategic Urban Future attended as observers. Furthermore, the IA team provided training to some of the panel members so resident representatives could effectively participate in the process.

A Members of the Resident Engagement Panel said:

“I am a member of the REP. I was part of the panel that interviewed the contractors who are interested in providing new homes for Fenwick Estate. We have regular meeting to discuss how the regeneration plans are going and how and when they will be implemented. I joined the panel because I was interested to see how the regeneration process works.”

(Marjorie Macintyre, Tenants, Fenwick Estate)

Meeting the DMT Team

There will be a mobilisation period during which the formalities of this complex contract will be finalised. Following the completion of these formalities the Council in liaison with the DMT will be organising meet and greet sessions. This will give opportunity for you to say hello to the team, get to know them and see how you can get involved in the design of the new estate. In due course, we will confirm the date of these events.