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Fenwick Cabinet Report

The Cabinet report for the proposed regeneration of Fenwick Estate has now been published.

You can read them by clicking here

The full cabinet reports and associated appendices provide the detail of the proposed redevelopment of the Fenwick Estate. The report recommends the full redevelopment of Fenwick Estate, excluding the odd-numbered homes on Willington Road.

The Cabinet meeting which will consider the report will take place on the 11th July at 7pm. If you would like to make a representation at the Cabinet meeting you will need to contact the meeting clerk, David Rose ([email protected]; 0207 926 1037) by Friday 8th July.  Subject to space availability, you can also attend as an observer without informing the clerk.

If redevelopment were to take place, then the Council's Key Guarantees to residents will become effective for all residents whose homes will be replaced. These Key Guarantees include:

For tenants, that you are guaranteed a new home on the estate, sized according to your housing needs; and

For leaseholders, that there are a variety of options which will enable you to remain living on the estate in a new home.

You can see more details on the Key Guarantees by clicking here.

We will contact all residents with news on the decision as soon as possible after the 11th July. In order to provide as much certainty as possible at this stage we have put together very rough indicative timeline of what we expect to happen if the Council Cabinet agrees to these proposals on the 11th July 2016.

  • Appoint of Development Manager : Sept 2016
  • Masterplanning through to August 2017
  • Submission Planning Application - September 2017
  • Start the construction of first phase Jan 2019

We are holding drop in sessions in Fenwick Hall between 5-7.30 pm on the following days Monday 4th July and Tuesday 19th July to answer any queries you may have. No need to make an appointment just drop in between 5-7.30pm.