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Fenwick South update from Mulalley's

Welcome to the Fenwick South newsletter

We will issue the newsletter regularly to make sure you know what is happening on site. We are looking forward to starting work, which will let us build 46 new affordable homes on sites Fenwick South. A and B on Cottage Grove. Sites A and B are shown in the images below:

Site A

Site B

We expect the total project to take two years to complete. Each month in our newsletter we will give you an update on what we have done and we will be doing. We will make sure we do all of our work within Government Covid-19 guidelines to ensure safe working.

So, what’s happened?

To begin building, we have had to suspend some parking bays on Cottage Grove. We are sorry for any disruption caused, but this lets us keep the road clear for site activities and deliveries.

What is planned?

From July, we will put in our cabins for construction workers. This means you will notice more excavation machines, skips and lorries on site.

Between July and November activities on site will be mainly groundworks and installing drainage and foundations for the new buildings. As well as lorries and skips, later in the year, you will also see two tower cranes going up, which will help us put up the building structures. This will mean at some points we need to close the roads for short periods of time, but we will work with you to make sure you are aware of this closure and to minimise inconvenience.

Your Site Team

Neil Collas – Senior Project Manager (site based). Email: neil.collas@mulalley.co.uk or call 07827 884 342

Linda Graham – Lead Resident Liaison Officer. Email: rlo.pdn145@mulalley.co.uk or call 07507 865 858

A word from us

We would like to assure residents that we will try to keep disruption to a minimum. We will let you know in advance of works that are taking place and try to reduce noise and dust from the site. Thank you for your patience and help on this.

Site Security

Our project manager is on-site during working hours (8am to 5pm). But if you notice any suspicious behaviour or have any urgent questions please call Freephone 0800 023 2080 to contact a member of our team.

An important safety message

Site safety is very important. We ask that you help us by:

  • Staying out of the site or works areas
  • Keeping children away from the site or works areas
  • Contacting us if you see any suspicious behaviour on 0800 023 2080
  • Contacting the police in an emergency

Employment and Skills

The project will create a number of jobs and placements for local residents. We’ll be sending out information about how to apply for these soon.

Considerate Constructors

Mulalley is a founder associate partner of the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This scheme is a non-profit making, an independent organisation founded by the industry to improve its image.

The scheme operates independent inspectors to monitor site activities and the overall appearance of the site with an emphasis on the following aspirations:

  • Respect the community
  • Care about our appearance
  • Protect the environment
  • Secure everyone’s safety
  • Value our workforce

These works are being managed by Lambeth Council so any questions or comments should be sent to Bruce McRobie. He can be contacted via:

Tel: 07801 260 644

Email: BMcRobie@lambeth.gov.uk