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Fenwick Estate Newsletter

Welcome to this Homes for Lambeth, Fenwick Estate Newsletter.

We’d love to hear from residents about what information and articles you’d like to have in your newsletter. Please contact Margaret if you have any ideas and suggestions. The next newsletter will be in a few months.

Email me at margaret@homesforlambeth.co.uk

In this newsletter:

  • Masterplanning update

  • Young entrepreneur sessions

  • Resident engagement panel

  • Your employment and skills

The future of the Fenwick Estate

Lambeth Council has recently published a report that provides information on what Homes for Lambeth has delivered and what they are planning to deliver. This is called the Joint Delivery Plan. You can read this plan here homesforlambeth.co.uk/business-plans. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can request a copy of the Joint Delivery Plan by calling 07735 743036 / 020 4526 9322.

The Joint Delivery Plan confirms that masterplanning for Fenwick Estate will start later this year. A masterplan is a design (or plan) for a large area or estate which provides the layout for new homes, community facilities, shops and green spaces, and will guide future development.

A big thanks to those residents who attended the Fenwick Estate resident engagement panel meeting with the HFL project team on 10 March 2022. Approximately 15 residents attended, some in person at the adventure playground community centre and others virtually from their homes.

At the session, the project team at HFL talked about the masterplanning process and confirmed that the plan will be co-designed with the community. Co-designed means designing the plan together. We will work with you to identify your priorities for Fenwick Estate, and we will also share with you what the Council wants to achieve.

Fenwick Estate Hub Update

The hub at 66 Willington Road remains closed for refurbishment. You can find Margaret at the Willington Road Adventure Playground (55 Willington Road) for your drop-ins every Thursday from 11 to 4pm.

Resident Engagement Panel

The next Fenwick Resident Engagement Panel (REP) has been scheduled for Thursday 28th April 2022, from 6pm to 7.30pm. This REP meeting will be in person at the Adventure Playground.

Please contact Margaret margaret@homesforlambeth.co.uk for details on how to attend.

Examples of previous engagement

The first job in the masterplanning journey for Fenwick Estate will be to appoint the architect who will work with you to design the masterplan for the new estate. Residents will be invited to work with the project team at Homes for Lambeth in the selection of the architect. This process will begin this year. Design work on the estate will start once the architect has been appointed.

We want to hold a launch event for the Fenwick Estate masterplanning at the end of the summer, so that you can meet the project team and we can share more information with you, including next steps. It is important that you feel able to contribute to the masterplan, so we will be including lots of different opportunities for you to get involved.

At the meeting residents proposed a variety of ways they would like to be kept informed including door knocking, resident newsletters, email communication, posters on noticeboards, keeping the Tenants and Residents Association updated, continuing to work with the resident engagement panel, and holding events at the weekend, late afternoon and early evenings, so timings work for all residents.

We will be launching the Fenwick Conversation later this year - this is a set of questions for you to answer which will help us to improve the way we communicate with you in the future.


Your employment and skills

Homes for Lambeth’s employability team is working across the borough to improve skills and job opportunities for our residents. We can support you through our various workshops on subjects such as being interview confident, job preparation, mock interviews and with our one-to-one sessions that help you with CVs and covering letters.

Visit www.homesforlambeth.co.uk/your-skillsand-career to find out more or get in touch with us at employability@homesforlambeth.co.uk. It would be great to hear from you. We can support you through one-to-one sessions that help you with CVs, covering letters and more. To find out more or get in touch with Eamonn Lorimer on Eamonn@homesforlambeth.co.uk or call 020 4526 9324.

ESOL classes

We want to offer free ESOL classes from April.

If you are interested, please contact Wendy Bohan at: wendy@homesforlambeth.co.uk or call

07507 644 645.

Free 1:1 support reducing your energy bills

Local energy experts, the Green Doctors, are offering free telephone consultations to help you maintain a healthy home and save money. To book a free telephone consultation, call 0808 169 1779

(free number) to arrange a call-back.

Young entrepreneurs’ sessions

If you are a young adult aged 18-25 and are starting your own business or have your own business already, please get in touch with Margaret Amadi Margaret@homesforlambeth.co.uk to register for our upcoming young entrepreneurs sessions.


Homes for Lambeth Resident Engagement Officer

Margaret Amadi

Telephone: 07588476470

Email: margaret@homesforlambeth.co.uk

Independent Resident Advisor

Rob Lantsbury

Telephone: 07961 532761

Email: rob.lantsbury@publicvoice.london

Christine Searle

Telephone: 07764 421 981

Email: christine.searle@publicvoice.london

Resident Decant Officer

Paul Gordon

Telephone: 020 7926 0385

Email: Pgordon@lambeth.gov.uk

Buyback team

Keith Richmond


Neighbourhood Housing Officer

Wayne McEwan

Telephone: 020 7926 3878

Email: wmcewan@lambeth.gov.uk

Lambeth Housing Repairs

Telephone: 020 7926 6000

Visit: beta.lambeth.gov.uk/housing/housing-repairs/request-housing-repair