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Exhibition and public meeting follow up


Yesterday we held an exhibition and public meeting at the Cinema Museum next to Knight's Walk to discuss how plans are progressing for potential new homes at Knight's Walk. We repeated the exhibition in the residents' room on Cotton Garden.

We showed the scenarios currently being considered, and those which will not progressed and why. We also listened to a new option that the Knight's Walk Group Residents Association has asked to be considered, produced by their advisers, Architects for Social Housing, ASH.

The current scenarios are:

  1. Infill with no demolition to produce up to 35 new homes, although this may reduce to 18 as the planners advise that building on the open space at Kennington Lane may not be possible due to planning policy
  2. Partial redevelopment where between three to 23 homes would be removed to provide an additional 41 to 82 homes, as well as providing new homes for residents affected by redevelopment
  3. Full redevelopment where all 33 homes would be demolished and 121 additional new homes provided

The proposal put forward by ASH shows new flats built on the green space on Kennington Lane and on the current garage site facing Renfrew Road, going higher than the scenarios above; and building over a number of the bungalows on Knight's Walk to provide an extra storey or two of family flats. We are looking at the viability of this idea, along with doing further financial analysis of the scenarios above.

There is still time to make your comments on all the scenarios. Go to knightswalk.co.uk to see the plans and information we presented and there is a form for you to let us know what you think.

You can also come and see us at Pedlars Acre Hall on Opal Street from 4 to 6pm every Tuesday.

We are now putting together the 'masterplan objectives' that the Council's cabinet will consider in November when they decide on the regeneration that will take place at Knight's Walk. As well as setting the number of new homes to be provided and the number that should be at Council rent levels, the masterplan objectives can include what is important to local people about any development here. Please let us know what you think.