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Central Hill DMT Exhibition scores

Thank you for attending the DMT exhibitions held on the 17th and 20th June. 



If your scores weren’t given in at the exhibitions, you can return them to the Lunham Rd housing office – FAO ‘the regeneration team’, or if you can scan the form and send it to:

 [email protected] 

Forms received by 27th of June 2017, will be considered as part of the appointment process for the development management team.

The next step is the interviewing of the 4 bidders- residents will be part of the interview panel, and then the on-going analysis of the submissions, both in relation to what they will deliver and how much it will cost. The appointment of a development management team will take some time due to both the internal and external appointment processes required. As soon as we have an approved decision we will write to you again, and then start the process of developing the best scheme we can for both the current and future communities of Central Hill.