Design principles

Everyone deserves a beautiful home

All the homes we build meet the Homes for Lambeth Design Principles and Lambeth Council design standards. This means all our homes exceed national standards and are designed around the needs of our current and future residents.

Lambeth is at its best when its communities are genuinely mixed. This means building more social homes, homes below market rent for families in low pay, at secure market rent for those unable to buy and affordable homeownership for those who can. There will also need to be some full market rent and market sale homes to help pay for the construction of more affordable homes.

In building new homes, Homes for Lambeth takes a long-term view: these homes need to stand the test of time; they need to create a positive legacy for a future Lambeth; they need to be high quality, low maintenance and low energy. And they need to help create resilient mixed neighbourhoods for everyone. We recognise that the quality of your home is closely linked to the quality of your life.

Our 10 Housing Design principles must be met by every new home that we build. These principles are supported by a detailed set of design standards prepared by Lambeth Council.

National design standards and building regulations set out the minimum specifications that every home in the UK must meet. The Lambeth design standards improve on these requirements.

Design principles