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Decision on the future of Central Hill estate

Last night, the council’s cabinet met to discuss the proposed redevelopment of Central Hill estate and agreed that the estate will be rebuilt.

This means that: 

  • Residents have certainty over the future of their homes 
  • All homes will be replaced with better homes built to modern standards 
  • The development will be led by the council through Homes for Lambeth, and NOT an external private developer 
  • There will be more affordable homes built, and specifically more homes let at council level rents.   

What does this mean for existing resident homeowners and Lambeth tenants? 

You will be protected by newly improved Key Guarantees – also agreed at last night’s cabinet. These guarantees mean that: 

  • Every council tenant will be able to move to a brand-new home at council level rent on Central Hill with a new Assured Lifetime Tenancy 
  • Every council tenant will be offered a suitable alternative home
  • The new homes will be built to meet current council tenants’ needs 
  • Affordable options will be provided to assist resident homeowners to stay on the estate   

There is still a lot of detailed planning to do and no building work will start until sometime in 2019/20 at the earliest. 

What happens next? 

One of the most significant tasks is to pick a team who will develop detailed plans for the new estate and we want residents to be involved in choosing the right team. These teams are known as Development Management Teams. The council has done initial shortlisting of teams and shortly these teams will present their experience and examples of other work to residents. Here you will have an opportunity to quiz them and express your views on which team you prefer.

Along with this there are a range of other things that we will need to talk to about and below is an outline. It isn’t exhaustive and some dates may change, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what will be happening next.


What When
Gathering views on what residents think is important for the future management of the new estate  April/May/June 2017
Gathering expressions of interest from homeowners to sell their home to the council April/May 2017
Exhibitions for the potential development management team. This will allow residents to review the shortlisted architects, etc. who will take forward the design of the estate up to getting planning permission May 2017
Sessions on the residential valuation process by independent surveyors May 2017
Home visits to Lambeth tenants and resident homeowners, to explain their options in relation to their future housing Summer 2017
Consultation on what the tenancies and leases might look like for the new homes June 2017


In addition to this, tenants wanting to move will be given Band A status. This increases tenants’ priority for a move, and the compensation and removal costs will be paid.

Tuesday Drop-ins

For the short-term these will still be based in the housing office:

10-1pm and 2pm-5pm - please ask for Fiona.

From 4th April, Paul Gordon will also be available. He will be at the housing office 1pm- 5pm. He will be able to talk to tenants about their re-housing position. Private interview rooms will be available. We will also be setting up leaseholder session and details of this will follow.

On the first Tuesday of the month PPCR, your Independent Advisors, will be available in the resource centre from 3pm to 7pm for independent advice. Please call in, or if you want an appointment please call Helen – 07476 553208.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, Fiona Cliffe on the details below:   

T: 0207 926 6728/ 07860 180559

E: [email protected]