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Cressingham Newsletter October 2018

The Design Team have published the October newsletter for Cressingham Gardens and it can be read here.

The Design Team have published the October newsletter for Cressingham Gardens and it can be read here.

Inside this issue:



The Cressingham Gardens Design Team has been working over the past few months to establish a process of involving you, the residents, in shaping the estate rebuild plans as they move forward.

Three informal events were held at The Hub through August and September. The events welcomed people from across the estate for family-friendly fun, providing the opportunity to meet the team and become familiar with the space at The Hub.


The first event was a Treasure Hunt which involved children from across the estate working through a series of complex clues to find hidden pirate treasure. Disposable cameras were provided to the children, to take pictures of what they treasure around the estate. The photos have been developed by the team and will shortly be on display in The Hub. A selection of those photos have been included to below.


A second event welcomed children from the estate to The Hub for an afternoon of plant potting, gardening and lunch. The team invited children from the estate to plant flowers and vegetables. The children were encouraged to take the plant pots back with them after the session. The plants and vegetables are now developing well in The Hub and within homes across the estate.


Our third event saw residents visit The Hub for a relaxing afternoon of tea, cake and conversation with neighbours and members of the Cressingham Gardens Design Team. We enjoyed speaking to a range of people of all ages and backgrounds about their experiences of the estate.



All secure tenants and leaseholders have been invited to vote on the proposal from the Cressingham Gardens Resident Management Co-operative taking over housing services from the council. This proposal is entirely separate from council’s plan to rebuild the estate. A ‘yes’ vote for the Co-operative will not have an impact on this. It is solely about who undertakes the housing services listed in the offer document until the homes are demolished.

For more information on the Cressingham Gardens Resident Management Co-operative, please contact:

Co-operative: Andy Plant - 07845601153 - [email protected]

Lambeth Council: Nigel Edwards - 0207 926 3628 - [email protected]


Lambeth Council, Crowdfunder, groups and organisations across the borough want to work together to help turn their ideas into reality making Lambeth a unique place to live, work, learn and do business. We want to support community projects and initiatives in the borough by using the themes and priorities identified in the Co-operative Local Investment Plans (CLIPs).

Find out which ward you are in by visiting the website below and check the funding criteria to see if your project could be eligible for up to 25% of your funding target to a maximum of £1,250. You can also apply for this fund if you have already started a project. Further details on how to apply are available online: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/funds/crowdfund-lambeth



Please be aware that the Independent Adviser drop in session time has changed. You can now see the Independent Adviser, Edward Ogundele:

Every Wednesday from 3.30pm - 7pm at The Hub, 8 LONGFORD WALK, Cressingham Gardens, SW2 2NH

Edward can also visit you in your home if you are unable to attend the surgery sessions or would like a private and confidential meeting with him. Please contact Edward on the details below to agree an appointment.

Free Phone: 0800 169 8677
Mobile: 07770 883 224
Email: [email protected]



Lambeth Council

Call: 07939 129 339 / 0207 926 8932
Email: [email protected]

Resident Engagement Team
For engagement and rebuild queries
Call: 0800 148 8991 Email: [email protected]

Independent Resident Advisor, Edward Ogundele - Public Voice
Call: 07770 883 224 Email: [email protected]