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Cressingham Newsletter July

The Design Team have published the July - August newsletter for Cressingham Gardens and it can be read here.

The Design Team have published the July - August newsletter for Cressingham Gardens and it can be read here.

Inside this Issue:

  • The Design Forum
  •  Door Knocking
  • Surveys
  • Summer Activities
  • Timetable July - August 2018
  • Q&A
  • Contact Details


Your views are vital in shaping the future of Cressingham Gardens.
As the rebuild moves forward, it is important to have a body that has a voice in how the estate is designed.
If you want your view to be taken into account, joining the Design Forum will give you a voice, and can help shape your community for the future.

As a member of the Design Forum you will:

  • Make sure the views of residents are taken into account, by encouraging their participation and also by passing on their views to the Design Forum
  • View and input into Design Workshops and plans that will be presented to the rest of the estate
  • Develop a broader knowledge and understanding of the plans for the estate and the planning process
  • Discuss wider social aspects of the regeneration and how we engage with residents

Interested in being a member of the Design Forum?
Contact our Resident Engagement Team on 0800 148 8991 or [email protected] by 26th July and register your interest.


The Resident Engagement Team have knocked on every door on the estate and so far, over 60 residents have completed our survey.

From speaking to residents, it is clear that there is a strong sense of community on the estate and residents like living close to Brockwell Park. It also appears maintenance is an ongoing concern for many residents on the estate.

We will continue to knock on doors over the coming weeks to get to know you more and remind you of our upcoming activities.

Home visits can also be arranged by contacting our Resident Engagement Team on 0800 148 8911 or [email protected]


  • Tree Survey – Complete

This study will give us a record of every tree’s position and type.

  • Geotechnical & Unexploded Ordnance Survey – Initial Study Underway.

This study will help the Design Team understand the risks of what is

  • Ecology Survey – Initial Study Underway.

This study will help the Design Team know what types of plants and animals live on the estate.




Cressingham Treasure Adventure

Calling all treasure hunters!
Do you like exploration, friendly competition and prizes? If so, join us for our Cressingham Treasure Adventure.
Monday 13th August
The Hub, 8 Longford Walk
1pm - 4pm
As well as hunting for long lost treasure, you will be taking pictures of what you treasure on the estate. An event for all the family.


Summer Planting Party

Join us for an afternoon of plant potting and gardening, accompanied by a picnic style lunch.
Wednesday 22nd August
The Hub, 8 Longford Walk
12 noon - 2pm
Come and enjoy an afternoon of green fingered fun and let us know what you grow on the estate. This is a family friendly event.


Afternoon Tea

Come along for a relaxing afternoon of tea and conversation with your neighbours.
Saturday 8th September
The Hub, 8 Longford Walk
12 noon – 2pm
An opportunity to get to know the Resident Engagement Team, who would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the rebuild of Cressingham and let you know of any updates on the rebuild proposals.



Q: Will it cost more to live in a new home on the estate?

A: New homes will be more efficient than existing homes and therefore more cost effective to run. Being newly built homes, maintenance costs will likely be much lower for many years. Whilst there is a possibility that Council Tax could be higher than existing homes on the estate, for tenants, rent will be set in exactly the same way as council rent. Any increase in rents will be phased in over 5 years and you would still be able to apply for Housing Benefit to cover the rent. There is more information on this in the council’s Key Guarantees.

If you have another question, please do get in touch.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rebuilding plans and how they may affect you, come to speak with Dionne and Abdul at our weekly sessions.
Every Wednesday
11.00am to 3.30pm
The Hub, 8 Longford Walk, Cressingham Gardens


Drop-in to see me every Wednesday: 2pm – 8pm, the Engagement
Hub at 8 Longford Walk
I can also visit you at your home if you would like a private and confidential meeting.
My contact details are below.

Contact Details

Lambeth Council
Call: 07939 129 339 / 0207 926 8932
Email: [email protected]

Resident Engagement Team
For engagement and rebuild queries
Call: 0800 148 8991 Email: [email protected]


Independent Resident Advisor, Edward Ogundele - Public Voice
Call: 07770 883 224 Email: [email protected]