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Cressingham: Overview and Scrutiny Committee Decision

On 21st March 2016, the Council's Cabinet met to decide the future of the Cressingham Gardens Estate. The Cabinet agreed to take forward Option 5, the complete redevelopment of the estate, to provide more and better homes.

A Councillor referred this decision to the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee and on the 9th May 2016, the committee reviewed the decision to redevelop Cressingham Gardens Estate. The minutes of the meeting will be available soon at:


The Committee voted not to refer the decision back to Cabinet, but did make recommendations relating to the regeneration programme. This means we can now take forward the plans for the future of the estate.

What happens next?

The next step is to select a development management team that will develop detailed plans for the estate and we want you to be involved in selecting that team. As a part of this we would expect that:

  • In July there will be an exhibition where residents will be able to talk to and score the different teams bidding for the project;
  • In late July these teams will be interviewed by members of your Resident Engagement Panel along with Councillors and Council officers;
  • And the Council will announce the successful team in August.

We will upload a new post once we have confirmed these timings.

Building Homes for Lambeth

We will also shortly be launching Building Homes for Lambeth which will set out the ten design principles that will be met by every new home that Homes for Lambeth build. We would like to invite you to an exhibition to find out more about these principles and see examples of what the new homes might look like.  

The exhibition will take place on:
• Thursday 2nd June 2016, 4pm till 8pm, The Rotunda, Cressingham Gardens Estate

You can find more information by going to:


If you have any questions about this or anything else relating to the regeneration of your estate, please do not hesitate to get into touch with the Cressingham Gardens team.

You can do this via:
T: 07950 696 814
E: [email protected]

In addition you can come along to one of our regular drop-in sessions. These sessions will be held in the Rotunda on the following days:

  • Thursday 19th May: 5pm till 7pm
  • Thursday 2nd June: 4pm till 8pm
  • Thursday 23rd June: 5pm till 7pm