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Cooking Demonstrations on Westbury Estate

This month we have been thinking a lot about cooking on electric hobs and running some demonstrations led by residents.

As part of our skill swap on Westbury Estate we have been running some cookery sessions and demonstrations to share recipes and to alleviate some of the concerns relating to cooking on electric hobs.

If there is one thing that unites humans it is that we all have to eat and while some people are not that motivated by food we are always surprised at how a conversation about food engages people in a really positive way.


During our time on Westbury Estate we have met several foodies who have linked the food growing work to opportunities to use the produce for new recipes and old favourites.

In February Victoria made banana pancakes with the help of some of the younger residents and they were delicious; an almost healthy snack!

In April Alessandra showed us how to make Italian Bruschetta, we tried 3 different recipes and they were all great. We will definitely be doing this again if our tomato harvest is anything like last year. We made a vegan version as well so we catered for all our regulars.

IMG_5087.JPG   IMG_5092_(1).JPG   

We finished off with Savannah showing us how to make potato surprise (a snazzy version of bubble & squeak) to align with national food waste week.


If you love cooking, want to expand your cookery skills or just like eating then come along to our next session. On the 25th May the cookery session will be run by the marvellous resident Rolanda who will be cooking up a storm with a mix of Creole spices. RSVP here if you would like to come along.