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Consultation on performance framework

We are consulting on you about our performance framework – this is the set of indicators which we use to assess the quality of the housing management service being provided on the estate by our partners, Pinnacle Housing Management.

Please see the below dashboard which contains all the current indicators.

  1. KPIs
  2. LPIs and trackers

The most important terms to understand are the following;

  • Key Performance Indicator – the most important areas where good performance is needed. These indicators are reported to our Board every month.
  • Local Performance Indicator – indicators to assess other areas, in some cases more detailed. These are not reported to the Board but form part of the overall view of performance.
  • Trackers – these provide information which is important to assess performance but are not themselves rated.

The Red, Amber and Green ratings for each indicator show whether the target is being met.

  • Green= target met this month
  • Amber= below target by 5% or less
  • Red= `failed’, i.e. below target by more than 5%

We are reviewing this framework and would like your views on how it could be changed to give a better picture of how good your housing management services are at present.

Please complete the survey below and help us to improve these services. If you have any questions call John Knight from Homes For Lambeth on 07949 208610 or email [email protected].