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South Lambeth Construction update


  • All reinforced concrete work has now been complete as of Friday 4 June.
  • We will be striking the final decking on the 5th floor and 4th floor balconies. The formwork will be collected throughout the week. Back props will be left in to support the slab until it reaches maximum strength.
  • The final drainage and services will be installed along the Dorset Road elevation next week. The ground beam for the garden walls along that elevation have been poured and installed.
  • The internal and external blockwork will continue on the ground floor throughout the week.
  • The scaffolding will continue along the South and West elevations throughout the week. The scaffolding will also commence around the East elevation.
  • We will also be erecting loading bays within the scaffold, to help us bring materials to each floor.
  • Our next block delivery will be on Thursday 10 June.
  • We have our first delivery of bricks coming to site on Wednesday 9 June.
  • We will no longer be working on Saturdays.

Picture 1 to show the fourth floor 50% concrete slab completion

Picture 2 to show structure progression to fourth floor.