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Construction update - week commencing 29 March 2021


  • Works to the Substation are ongoing, with steel reinforcement bars being fixed along the base and walls. The substation forms part of the wider plan for the development and will be used for all other phases to give power to new homes.
  • The final concrete pour to the ground floor has been completed this week. We will now commence with building the columns to the West elevation by Cobbett Street, and will be concrete pouring them throughout the week.
  • The Ground floor slab is now 100% complete.
  • We have to date, poured the first half of the first-floor slab and have started erecting columns to level 2. A second section of the first floor slab has been poured. We will continue to erect columns next week and once all columns to the first section are complete, we can then stand the decking in preparation for the next concrete pour to level 1. (Please see picture 1 below)
  • Decking to the second floor is now underway and will continue all of next week. Decking is the temporary support framework that’s set out prior to concrete pouring.
  • Decking to the first floor is starting to be dismantled to the Clapham Road elevation. Decking is removed once the final concrete is set and has its shape.
  • Tower crane in use lifting materials to all areas inside site boundary.

Picture 1. Showing ground to second floor structure forming.

Picture to show the final completed Ground floor concrete Slab