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South Lambeth Construction update

Our RC Frame contractor are now finished, with some making good to be done throughout the week.

  • We have a blockwork delivery on Tuesday 22 June.
  • We have our second delivery of bricks on Wednesday 23 June.
  • The blockwork will continue to the first floor throughout the week. The internal blockwork on the ground floor is coming to an end. Blockwork to the fourth floor will also commence next week.
  • Brickwork on the East elevation will commence from the ground floor. Brickwork to grid line 9 on the fourth floor will commence in preparation for waterproofing of the fourth-floor roof terrace.
  • The scaffolding will continue to progress up to roof level on the south and west elevations. The scaffolding will also start to be erected on the North elevation.
  • We will also be erecting loading bays within the scaffold, to help us bring materials to each floor.
  • A reminder that On Monday 21 June, we will be diverting the gas route for block A to just outside our emergency vehicle gate on site. This will take approximately 2 days. This will not affect access in and out of the building.

Picture 1 to show the area of block paving to be removed and reinstated on Monday 21 June