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South Lambeth Construction update

  • Our Reinforced Concrete (RC) Frame contractor are now finishing up on site. They will be having a few more material collections during the week. Making good of concrete is in progress and will continue for most of the week.
  • The road within the site boundary, running parallel to new block will be tarmacked on Wednesday 16 June and Thursday 17 June. This will make the site more presentable.
  • The blockwork has commenced on the first floor on the west elevation and will continue on the ground floor throughout the week to the remaining elevations.
  • The scaffolding will continue to progress up to roof level on the south and west elevations.
  • We will also be erecting loading bays within the scaffold, to help us bring materials to each floor.
  • Our next block deliveries will be on Wednesday 16 June and Friday 18 June. We will continue to be loading out blocks on the ground and first floors, with some blocks also being loaded up to the fourth floor.
  • On Monday 21 June, we will be diverting the gas route for block A to just outside our emergency vehicle gate on site. The works will only last one day, and will consist of our RC Frame contractor carefully removing the block paving outside Wimborne House and reinstating it once the works are complete. The emergency vehicle gate will also be temporarily removed to allow the pipe to be diverted underneath. Please see picture 1.

Picture 1 to show the area of block paving to be removed and reinstated on Monday 21 June