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Central Hill Estate Newsletter

The Development Management Team has published the September 2020 Newsletter for Central Hill Estate and it is available to read here.



Development Update

The proposed Roman Rise development with its 31 new affordable homes being built, is a significant part of the changes for Central Hill residents.

You can see the design, supporting reports and comments on the proposed planning application which will soon be considered by Lambeth’s Planning Committee.

Please visit Lambeth’s Planning Portal and search20/01480/FUL’.

An important part of the future design of Central Hill will be the phasing plan, identifying the next parts to be developed on the estate, and linking this to the allocation of the new homes on Roman Rise. You will be consulted on the design and phasing of Central Hill. A key consideration for the next phase will be to identify an area where there is minimal disruption for residents, so Lambeth tenants and resident homeowners can move directly into a new home being built on Central Hill as part of the Key Guarantees. The masterplan and future Homes for Lambeth Business Plans will identify when the existing homes on the estate will be redeveloped. General information about Central Hill Estate can be found at http://engage.homesforlambeth.co.uk/central_hill.

Digital Horizons

Homes for Lambeth Digital Horizons is a 12-week activity program to help you become more confident about searching for information, using video chat to stay in touch and stay safe. For residents who have no access to the internet, we can loan an internet-enabled tablet for the project. Residents who already have a device and want to find out more about using it are also very welcome to join the classes.

The programme will also provide opportunities for learning new skills to help you connect with what is going on locally. From 3rd October, we will meet online using “Zoom” to look at a new subject and follow up with an activity in the week ahead to complete before the next class.

Sessions will be informal, fun, informative and full of practical advice. There will be a short online questionnaire at the end allowing you to put all your learning into practice.
Should you have any questions you can contact our support on:
Telephone/ Text/ WhatsApp : 07523 646 277
Email: [email protected]

Resident Engagement

We’re looking for new members for the Resident Engagement Panel now that the rebuilding of the estate is starting to move forward.

The Resident Engagement Panel plays an important role to engage and work with Homes for Lambeth and other stakeholders on how the estate will be rebuilt. It is an opportunity to encourage residents to have their say and influence decisions throughout the process.


  • Gain new skills through regular training programmes which will contribute to building a better and stronger community
  • Network with residents and stakeholders
  • Influence decisions made by HFL

We are looking for a diverse range of residents who are keen to drive positive change. If you would like to participate, you need to be a secure resident, leaseholder or freeholder. We encourage residents who have disabilities or from underrepresented groups and young people to join us.

For further information please contact Maxine at [email protected] or 07588561771.

Nicola Curtis Stands Down

We are taking the opportunity here to thank Nicola Curtis for her years of hard work representing Central Hill residents on the Resident Engagement Panel (REP). She moved off the estate last year before Christmas but was invited to stay on as a member of the group. This summer however - after 5 years of involvement in the groups - she has decided that it is time to step down.

Despite opposing the regeneration at the start - Nicola joined the REP when it was set up in 2015. She joined to ensure that resident views were heard and listened to. She challenged the Council, asking difficult questions, holding Lambeth Council and HFL to account and ensuring that residents would be part of the process and have a role in influencing the outcomes.

The REP needs new members to take over where Nicola has left off, to work with HFL to ensure that residents in the Central Hill community are supported and listened to and are central to the regeneration going forward, influencing the quality of the process and the design going forward.

Your Homes for Lambeth 


I’m Josh, an intern who has been working at HFL for the past 6 weeks. Working in the communications department. As a resident of Westbury estate, it’s been an interesting and rewarding experience to work with HFL. I was thrilled to discover that Homes for Lambeth were offering several internships targeted at their own future residents, advertised through one of the newsletters. My experience has made me realise that Homes for Lambeth’s project is about building stronger communities that can thrive and I’m fortunate to have such an amazing experience. As I continue to work for HFL I hope to create similar opportunities for other residents in the same way HFL did for me. We all have potential, and everyone deserves to have access to these opportunities. 

Josh Privat

Communications Intern

[email protected]

Employability Team

Our main responsibility is to ensure you have access to more opportunities including; apprenticeships, jobs and training.

We are developing partnerships with contractors, local businesses, training providers and other stakeholders to ensure you have a better and safer environment.

We will be offering virtual workshops, apprenticeships and possibly traineeships too.

For more information contact: Eamonn Lorimer on [email protected] or 07588 659 610.

Wellbeing Sessions

We are offering monthly wellbeing sessions in September, October and November. The session-based discussions offer callers a chance to talk about any worries or concerns relating to the Covid-19 epidemic and think about ways of gaining an improved sense of wellbeing.

The sessions with a qualified counsellor, Denise Richards, will be from 1 to 2pm on:

  • Friday 25 September
  • Friday 16 October
  • Friday 11 November

To join call 0207 926 9118 and then dial 5222677 when prompted.
For more information visit engage.homesforlambeth.co.uk/wellbeing

Join in




Resident phone drop-ins (webinar)

Tuesdays (weekly)

1 to 2pm

Online seated yoga (webinar)

Wednesdays (weekly)

2 to 3pm

Wellbeing sessions

Friday 25 September

Friday 16 October

Friday 11 November

1 to 2pm

Yoga at home (live YouTube broadcast)

Saturdays (weekly)

12.30 to 1.30pm

Virtual College


Online at your own pace


Key Contacts

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes and development on the estate, please contact:

Fiona Cliffe – Project Lead
Tel: 07860 180559
Email: [email protected]

Maxine Igbinedion – Resident Engagement Officer
Tel: 07588 561771
Email: [email protected]

For any estate moving questions please contact:
Paul Gordon – Decant officer
Phone: 020 7926 0385
Email: [email protected]

To discuss any issues relating to your residency and the processes of tenancy change, please contact:
Pamela Kovachich – Independent Advisor
Phone: 07966 595 527
Email: [email protected]

[email protected] 

Lambeth housing repairs
Phone: 020 7926 6000
Visit: www.lambeth.gov.uk/council-tenants-and-homeowners/repairs-and-health-and-safety/request-a-housing-repair