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Central Hill: Metropolitan Workshop

Metropolitan Workshop - architects, have been asked by Lambeth Council to provide training to Central Hill residents on what would need to be considered if the estate is redeveloped. 

They have proposed to adopt a “workshop” like approach to the key issues which would allow the residents to explore the implications of various design proposals as they come forward and develop a list of design aspirations you want to see for any future development.

If the Council’s Cabinet take the decision to redevelop Central Hill, this will better empower the residents to take a lead role in the design of their neighbourhood through the next stages of the design process called ‘masterplanning’. 

The topics that will be covered will include:

  • What is ‘urban design’
  • Numbers of homes built, the size of homes, heights and numbers of blocks.
  • Green and hard landscaping, play areas and outdoor features
  • Parking
  • How homes and the estate will be suitable for those with mobility problems – both now and in the future.
  • How design can make an area feel safe We will also be asking residents if they feel other topics should be covered.

Metropolitan Workshop - architects will be holding 3 sessions - please see below:



Central Hill Day Centre, Lunham Road, London SE19 1AA

Come along to find out more.