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Central Hill: Get involved

Following on from the Cabinet decision to rebuild your estate we are going to change how we talk to residents going forward, so more people can be involved.

The structure of engagement going forward will be made up of the following.

The Design Group (open to all):
This will finalise the design aspirations for the new rebuilt estate and then will work with the DMT on the design of the estate and the new homes.

The Communications and Engagement Group:
This will review and support ideas for community events, job opportunities for local people (e.g. apprenticeships), and work with the council to address the impact of the regeneration for more vulnerable residents.

The Project Team:
This will be chaired by Rev Croucher, the vicar from Christ Church on Highland Rd. The group will have an overview of the scheme and it is expected that one or two representatives from the Design and Communication & Engagement groups will be part of the Project Group.