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Central Hill Newsletter


Welcome to your June edition of the Central Hill Newsletter. Inside this edition, you will find:

• An update on our recent ‘Meet the Team’ events

• Our key commitments to you

• Details on the new Resident Engagement Group

• Upcoming survey work around the estate

• Next steps and key contacts

We’d love to hear from residents about what information and articles you’d like to have in your newsletter. Please email centralhill@homesforlambeth.co.uk.


to those who came to our recent Meet the Team events, we hope you found them useful. Thank you also to everyone who spent time on the phone completing a survey to help us better understand residents’ aspirations for Central Hill. For those that were unable to attend, all the information shared can be found on our website

www.homesforlambeth.co.uk, including a short video of the event.

If you would like to request a physical copy of the information that was shared, or would like the materials in your community language, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team through the contact details listed on the back page. regeneration of Central Hill and have a chance to WIN a free iPad!

Our recent ‘Meet the Team’ events, held on Saturday 21 May and Monday 23 May were an opportunity for us to introduce PRP architects and the wider team, get your thoughts about your neighbourhood and share the timeline for the masterplanning. Your feedback, along with the feedback provided by residents over the phone has helped us to better understand what matters to Central Hill residents.

A summary report about the event has been produced which includes your feedback and is available for you to view on our website www.homesforlambeth.co.uk. We are committed to working together to bring forward the best possible plans for Central Hill which meet the needs of current residents and those waiting on the Council’s housing list

We know that there are some concerns about the future of Central Hill, and we want to share our key commitments to you:

1. This is your masterplan, and any proposals will have to be supported by you before we can deliver them.

2. Any masterplan will deliver more, not less council level rent homes – we know there is a housing crisis in Lambeth, and any scheme will include 50% affordable homes with an overall increase in Council-level rent homes.

3. You will have a say on the future of your homes and your estate – we will engage extensively with you by running a co-design process. There will be lots of events, and workshops and we will provide training and support so that you feel able to get involved.

4. If you want to remain on the estate, you can – under the Key Guarantees, all Secure Tenants have a right to stay on the estate, and there are affordable options for resident homeowners. We will also look to provide options to enable you to remain if you are renting privately or are living in temporary accommodation.

5. We are committed to developing the best possible masterplan – and we have run a competitive process to appoint the design team who will be working with you.

6. Whatever we do here, it will be sustainable - we recognise there is a climate emergency and are committed to bringing forward plans which make a positive contribution to carbon neutrality.

7. The Council is committed to ensuring that residents’ existing homes are maintained to a high standard – the Council have a full and ongoing repairs and maintenance programme.

8. Any proposals must represent value for money – for residents, taxpayers and the Council.

9. We know we need to deliver new homes urgently – when we deliver the future plans, we will take a phased approach, working with you to agree on the timeline. This will minimise disruption but will also mean that most residents will move directly from their existing homes in to a new one.

10. We know that residents are passionate about their homes – we want to work together in partnership with the local community to deliver a great place to live.

Your future your say

For those unable to attend, please be assured that there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and engage with the team, and we will be keeping you informed of any future events or initiatives through newsletters like these, as well as posters around the estate, via door knocking, drop ins, e-bulletins and letter.

We are already thinking about:

• A tour to visit other estates that PRP architects have co designed to meet the residents they worked with and who live there.

• Ongoing work placement opportunities hosted by our consultants. If you’d like to know more about work placement opportunities please contact employability@homesforlambeth.co.uk.

• Establishing a new Resident Engagement Group (more on this below).

A Central Hill resident and PRP officer discussing the Meet the Team boards

Angee, Central Hill resident with PRP and HFL staff at the ‘Meet the Team’ event.

Get involved with your new Resident Engagement Group

If you are a Central Hill resident who is passionate about the future of your estate and would like to work with Homes for Lambeth and PRP Architects to shape the masterplan for Central Hill, then we would like to encourage you to register your interest to join the Resident Engagement Group (REG).

Currently, there are 12 residents across the estate who are interested in joining the REG, including a mix of tenants, leaseholders and people living in temporary accommodation. It is vital that the REG is representative of the community at Central Hill to ensure as many views as possible are taken into consideration during the masterplanning process. There will also be opportunities for the REG to oversee how social value initiatives will meet the needs of the community, working with partners and contractors.

We are still taking on applications for people to join the REG! PPCR, your independent tenants and leaseholder’s advisors, will be supporting the REG through the whole process so please do register your interest by Friday 15 July 2022 by contacting Mo or Pamela at PPCR to find out more or for an informal chat (contact details can be found on the back page).


Masterplan for Central Hill

If you have any questions about the Central Hill Masterplan and how you can get involved, please contact us at: Telephone: 07888 606 231

Email: centralhill@homesforlambeth.co.uk

Dates of future REG Meetings

The REG has decided to meet on the first Monday of the month unless it falls on a Bank Holiday. Future dates are:

• Monday 4th July 2022,

7pm at The Resource Centre

• Monday 1st August 2022,

7pm at The Resource Centre

• Monday 5th September 2022,

7pm at The Resource Centre

• Monday 3rd October 2022,

7pm at The Resource Centre

Notification of Surveys taking place at Central Hill

Lambeth Council and Homes for Lambeth have commissioned Avison Young to carry out condition surveys of homes and communal areas to update our records. This is happening from w/c 20th June. If your home is to be surveyed, you will have already received a letter providing more information. In addition, to better understand the condition of the roofs, on six individual days over the next 4 to 5 weeks a drone survey will be carried out. This is safer and quicker than a manual inspection. Finally, you may also notice Ecologists from Surrey Wildlife Trust who will be carrying out an Ecology survey on the 23rd and 24th June 2022. All surveyors will carry ID badges.

Next steps

• We will be contacting all those who have shown an interest in joining the REG and hope to announce your new resident representatives in the next newsletter.

• We will arrange for REG members to attend a training workshop which will be a safe space to explore the potential of design to improve their neighbourhood and to build their confidence to work collaboratively and effectively with the selected design team.

• Beyond the Box (BTB) invites young residents of Central Hill Estate to take part in a FREE week of designing and making during the first week of the summer holidays. If you live on or near to Central Hill Estate and have an interest in the creative sector, then this week is for you! The week will run between Monday 25 July to Friday 29th July 2022 from 10am and 4pm. Working closely with local creatives and industry professionals, young people will enter a design competition, creating exciting design ideas for their estate for a chance to win top prizes, including a work experience placement in a leading design studio. If you have an interest in arts, design, making, drawing, architecture, photography and model making then this is the week is designed for you. For more information go to www.homesforlambeth.co.uk.

Central Hill resident speaking with Vanston, Lambeth Council Surveyor regarding her repair

Cllr Christine Banton, councillor for Gipsy Hill Ward speaking with PRP and HFL officers at the Meet the Team event

Project Team

For all general enquiries about the Central Hill Estate masterplanning process please contact

David Kamau, Resident Engagement Officer

Email: centralhill@homesforlambeth.co.uk

Telephone: 07888 606 231

PPCR – Your Independent Advisors

Mo Ali – Mobile: 07940 431 503 Email: MAli@ppcr.org.uk

Pamela Kovachich – Mobile: 07966 595 527 Email: PKovachich@ppcr.org.uk

The next two ITLA sessions will run on Monday 9 May and Monday 6 June from 3pm to 7pm at the Central Hill Community Youth Hub. Please do come along if you wish to speak with either Mo or Pamela.


To speak to a relevant officer about moving home, please use the contacts below:

Secure council tenants

Paul Gordon, Resident Decant Officer

Telephone: 020 7926 0385

Email: Pgordon@lambeth.gov.uk


Keith Richmond, Buyback Team

Email: buybacks@lambeth.gov.uk

Housing and Repairs

For housing maintenance and repairs enquiries, please use the phone number below.

Please contact Dominic Boisson, Housing Officer regarding all housing enquiries:

Email: DBoisson@lambeth.gov.uk

Telephone: 020 7926 6000


This newsletter can be translated into the following languages:

• Arabic

• French

• Polish

• Portuguese

• Somali

• Spanish

Please call 020 4526 9331 or email translate@homesforlambeth.co.uk for more information.