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Cabinet papers for South Lambeth Estate published


Following on from the recent exhibition and newsletter the Council Cabinet papers about the proposed redevelopment of the South Lambeth Estate have been published. You can read them by clicking here.

For clarity the recommendations are:

  • Wimborne House retained and improved.
  • The 5 low rise blocks to (namely Broadstone, Sturminster, Swanage, Verwood and Osmington) will all be redeveloped and replaced with new and additional homes.
  • Existing residents will have priority for the new homes, and all Council tenants will be offered a new home on the estate which meets their housing need.

If redevelopment were to take place, then the Council's Key Guarantees to residents will become effective for all residents whose homes will be replaced. These Key Guarantees include:

  • For tenants, that you are guaranteed a new home on the estate, sized according to your housing needs; and
  • For leaseholders, that there are a variety of options which will enable you to remain living on the estate in a new home.

You can see more details on the Key Guarantees on the link below:


The Cabinet meeting which will consider South Lambeth will take place on the 12th October. If the Cabinet agrees to the recommendations, then the next step will be to commence the masterplanning process, and we will contact all residents with new on the decision as soon as possible after the 12th October.

In the meantime we are holding drop in sessions in the caretakers office (at the side of Wimborne House) between 5-7pm on the following Mondays: 5th and 19th October, the 2nd and 16th November and the 7th and 14th December. No need to make an appointment just drop in between 5-7pm.