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Bird Box Painting 5th June 2018

Last Tuesday the South Lambeth Estate community hub became an artist’s studio for children who live on and around the South Lambeth Estate. Together we painted bird boxes, for all the birds who live here too. Right now the bird boxes are sitting in the community hub, making it beautiful, but later we will put the bird boxes up on trees around the estate. As the estate is being regenerated and people are getting new homes, we think the birds deserve new homes too.


Everyone would like to say a special big thank you to resident and resident representative John for building the bird boxes for us. And a big well done to everyone who painted a bird box; they are beautiful. You are all artists!



We hope to see everyone again tomorrow (and hopefully some new faces?) to use their artistic flair again to paint some plant pots. In these we will be planting sunflower seeds that we can watch grow. The hub will continue to be open weekly so you can water and care for your sunflower. The more it’s looked after, the bigger and more beautiful it will become!