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Bingo on Knight's Walk

Amongst activities at No.15 this month residents of Knight's Walk took part in a friendly game of Bingo - with a twist. Find out more here. 

Over the past month we enjoyed a variety of activities at No.15, from cooking flavoured butters using fresh herbs from the garden, to a friendly game of Bingo - with a twist! This came out of our skill swap conversations over the past months where we found out that residents often go to play Bingo and some even had experience in calling and running the games. 

In anticipation of a local neighbour’s talk on the architecture of Kennington, this Bingo game had a fun 'buildings' theme, where instead of numbers, we played using pictures, words and images. All connected to the Knight’s Walk Estate, the Bingo cards included pictures of the bungalows, brickwork, planters and George Finch – the architect who designed the estate.


Those who joined in were a mixture of Bingo experts and first time players, but everyone had a great time and got really into the game. One of the residents from Knight's Walk made for a fantastic caller, using her Bingo-lingo to make each square rhyme, or told with a cryptic clue. We played a couple of rounds before announcing the “Wrap-Up” (the final round). It was a tight game with several players going head-to-head, but the winner swooped in at the last minute with three full rows, taking home the grand prize of a London skyline mug!


Thank you to everyone who came along and took part, with special thanks to our resident Bingo caller. We will be back by popular demand with another Bingo session at No. 15, so keep an eye out on the monthly newsletters if you would like to come along.