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Knight's Walk Balconies and Gardens

As we anticipate the arrival of spring, we have been talking more about planting and green spaces at No. 15 Knight's Walk. 

Revisiting the size and shape of the new balconies which will be built in all the new homes on the estate, we discussed options for what could be planted and how these new private outdoor spaces could look.

Choosing from different colour palettes objects and plants, residents put together their own collages of what a dream balcony might look like. The results were eclectic creations with ideas such as hanging baskets, seating to eat meals outside and low-level planting that is easy to maintain. Over the coming weeks we will be marking out an example balcony in the garden of number 15 and testing out some options for what can be easily planted and maintained in such an outdoor space. 

balcony_edit_-1.jpg balcony_edit_-1-2.jpg

A visit to the Garden Museum 

Combining our conversations about gardens with a focus on the new residents' space which will be at the corner on Kennington Lane, we found out that the Garden Museum by Lambeth Palace had been recently refurbished and arranged visit for residents to see this new space, what is exhibited there, and what activities are on offer.


At the end of March, a group of six residents made their way to the wonderful new garden museum, a very peaceful space within an old church by the Thames. In particular the group liked the way the museum was laid out, with a nice range of garden artwork, historic objects and tools, and interesting artefacts that made us think about how we interact with our gardens.

gm3.JPG gm4.JPG

We ended our visit at the bright cafe which overlooks Lambeth Bridge and the river to one side and looks onto the garden courtyard and activity spaces where workshops, lectures and classes take place for all ages.