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Autumnal Planting & Pop ups

With crisp afternoons now upon us, we ventured outside to prepare the gardens for spring.

Over the past month, we spoke with residents about planning out the garden at No. 15  for the spring. The time had come to cut down our summer fruiting plants, trim our herbs and start thinking about overwintering plants.

Peas, broad beans, lettuce, cabbage, garlic and onions were sown to provide some foodie greenery over the colder months - but we also had very serious chats about our favourite bulbs. We compiled a list with residents and the following week, clusters of Alliums, Tulips, Anemones and of course daffodils were dotted around the garden, ready and set for a grand display in spring. 

KW_blog_1.jpg Planting garlic and onions

On tidying the garden, we noticed a surplus of sage and rosemary, we trimmed a good amount off and bundled the sprigs up. We decided to set up a little pop up table outside next to the planters in the walkway of Knight's Walk to give these bundles out and advertise that residents could pick fresh herbs that are growing in the planters whenever they like. Armed with a thermos of hot chocolate and a bowl of marshmallows, we spoke to many new and familiar faces, and met a few four legged friends too.



With the warm reception that was had at pop up, we are going to hold another, to find out what sort of festive decorations we should make in our next workshop for the Christmas tea, which is fast approaching.