Who we are

We are Homes for Lambeth, a new housing delivery company owned and created by Lambeth Council. Our purpose is to meet the demands of the current housing crisis by providing homes through the biggest housebuilding programme the council has launched for a generation. High-quality homes for local people that are safe and sustainable. We understand that a home is more than just the building you live in; it’s what surrounds and connects those buildings; the neighbourhood, the people who live there and their quality of life. We’re committed to investing in our communities to thrive on the estates we are rebuilding. Places that build better futures for the people of Lambeth.

We have a genuine desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives and create places they’re proud to call home. We’ve listened and learned from estates that have already been rebuilt, and we consult residents, community groups and businesses at every step of the way to understand the needs of individuals and the wider community.

Providing new and better homes inevitably causes some disruption, both from building work and, for some families, having to be temporarily or permanently re-housed. We do everything we can to minimise disruption and support people every step of the way. Part of our role is to convince people that ultimately, the change will result in a better future where more families can stay and prosper in Lambeth.

As landlords, we’re here for the long term, managing housing for our tenants and shared-ownership homeowners, supporting actions to address climate change and investing in the wider community. Through initiatives like our resident engagement and investment programme (RESI), we support people into work, promote local enterprise and tackle social isolation, creating strong communities that foster a real sense of belonging.

Wholly-owned by Lambeth Council, we combine the best of the public and private sector.

HFL Group is the umbrella company and the parent of the others in the group

HFL Build is the company that builds the homes for the group. Some of these will be sold on the open market to subsidise the construction of the genuinely affordable homes.

HFL Homes is a Registered Provider and not-for-profit company which buys the genuinely affordable homes from HFL Build. We’ll sell the shared ownership homes and will also manage both the rented and shared ownership homes for the long-term.

HFL Living is a company that will manage any private rented homes. We are currently inactive. However, if the housing market changes, we can rent out the private homes to maximise the number of genuinely affordable home.

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