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A taste of Yoga at No.15

Last month we tried out a sit down yoga class with a local yoga teacher and found an inspiring new activity for No.15

In between conversations about skill swaps and activities relating to interests and passions of the Knight's Walk residents, we have also been reaching out to local organisations and individuals who would be interested in coming in and running a new activity or session at No.15 with the group. 

A wonderful example of this was last month with Claire Hawkins, a local yoga teacher who teaches evening classes at the Archbishop Sumner School and also happens to be a neighbour from across the road. None of the residents who usually come to No.15 had ever tried yoga before however on a bit of a whim and a yearning to share my personal passion with the group, we agreed to schedule Claire in to run a beginners sit down yoga class one Thursday afternoon. 

Claire arrived at No.15 on a sunny Thursday in May and while the rest of us pottered about the garden and had a cup of tea she transformed the exhibition space of No.15 into a calm oasis with relaxing music and filled the air with the sweet smell of incence.  

We were welcomed in to an incredible 40 minute yoga session which involved breathing, stretches and a challenging but healing series of movements sitting and standing around our chair, raising awareness about our balance, breathing and our bodies.  

It may have been the perfect dappled light coming in from the garden or the melodic bird song that accompanied our practice, but the combination of the space and the wonderful instruction from Claire gave us all a unique 40 minutes of bliss!

The session concluded and all four of the residents who took part asked impatiently when another wonderful session like this would take place. Some said that they could really feel a difference in their bodies and everyone really enjoyed this first interaction with the practice of yoga - with particular thanks to our wonderful teacher Claire Hawkins www.yogaradiance.co.uk

Watch this space for information about a future session at No.15!