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Westbury Estate Regeneration


Last week Thursday was the fourth Westbury Estate Regeneration workshop where we were joined by Westbury Estate’sIndependent Design Advisor, Kay Hughes and her colleague Lisa Woo, a Commission for the Built Environment (CABE) Advisor who will also be attending the sessions and working alongside Kay. The format of the workshop was slightly different to the last ones following some residents’ requests that they wanted to see some design proposals so they could work with the Kay to start exploring the design ideas.


Metropolitan Workshop briefly presented the outcomes from the previous Landscape and Open Space workshop, then they spoke to residents about the upcoming study trip (more information below). Following that Metropolitan Workshop briefly spoke about Design and Security and the important aspects to consider when designing new homes and how to avoid designing places with nooks or corners that are not visible.

On the next part of the session Metropolitan Workshop presented the boards for Exhibition 1 which was followed by questions and a discussion with residents over the two options presented. Residents then took the time to discuss the proposals privately with Kay and Lisa before giving their feedback on the proposals.

We will be sharing more information with you on the website later this week, and through the newsletter which will be delivered to you towards the end of this week. Don’t forget this Saturday there is a study trip arranged to visit other estates in London that have undergone regeneration. The coach will leave from outside Amesbury Tower at 10.45 and we will be visiting 4 locations. We hope you can join us and call 02037357629 to book your place.             

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